The Pontian Community of Melbourne and Victoria would like to announce the introduction of tutorials in the Pontic dialect held for the first time in Australia.

For months now, the Pontian Community of Melbourne, realizing the crucial importance of preserving and disseminating the Pontic dialect to future generations, have made tremendous preparations and we are now pleased to announce its launch.

We collaborated closely with the philologist and educator Mrs Yiota Ioakeimidou (Γιώτα Ιωακειμίδου), whom we thank her very much for supporting us achieve our vision by accepting the invitation. Mrs. Ioakeimidou teaches the Pontic dialect in the municipality of Thessaloniki, where she has attempted the radical revision of the Pontic teaching manual of the late V. Antoniadou-Kesidou, presenting us with a simpler teaching manual: ‘The Teaching of the Pontic Dialect’.

Apostolis Alexiadis, President of the Pontian Community of Melbourne and Victoria:
The Pontic Dialect is closely connected with the ancient Greek language and is a link to the unified Greek Language. It is the language of our ancestors and we consider it our duty to preserve it so it can become our children’s language as well. Our wish and hope is to live up to the saying by the late philologist Iordanis Vamvakidis “the Pontic Dialect does not have the courage to die”.

Our courses are offered free via online participation to the members of the Pontian Community but also to all those interested. More and more people from Melbourne and other cities are already showing interest, we will be offering additional classes soon. Everyone is welcome to participate. To join you may either contact the Pontian Community of Melbourne by phone on (03) 9380 4150 or email [email protected]

The workshops in the Pontic dialect offered by the Pontian Community of Melbourne will contribute substantially to our vision of maintaining and preserving the Pontic Dialect.